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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Visual Latin and Modern Parables {Coupon Code}

Visual Latin and Modern Parables have offered my readers a 25% discount code good until the end of next week {10/15/2010}.

Here’s a quick intro, but hop over to the site to learn more about each of the programs and view some free samples!

Visual Latin is a self-paced video Latin curriculum that you can use at home ~ you can use it anywhere, anytime. It uses video and exercises to teach Latin {no former knowledge needed} and is targeted for kids age 9 and up.  Read more about the guys behind Visual Latin here. You can download 4 free introductory lessons from the Compass Store site and view a sample intro clip below.


Modern Parables is a film-based Bible study curriculum based on several of Jesus’ parables. Short films are used to retell the parables in a modern day setting and have go-along study materials. Overall, the twelve lessons include: Hidden Treasure, Samaritan, The Shrewd Manager, The Widow & the Judge, The Sower and Prodigal Sons. You can learn more about the currriculum or download trailers of all six of the parables on the Compass Store site.

If you decide to purchase either Visual Latin or Modern Parables, use the coupon code HSCREATIONS until 10/15/2010 for 25% off your order.

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