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Friday, May 14, 2010

Preschool Corner ~ Testing

Most of this week was spent testing. And playing. And testing some more.

Standardized testing to turn in to our school district.

When I wasn’t testing the girls we all were playing games, relaxing…or crying because of what we discovered with our robin’s nest this week.

The boys were thrilled that they could use my iTouch and Kaleb kept himself busy with the Tickle Tap app pack {be sure to check the link out since there is a $20 iTunes gift card giveaway with it!}.

Otherwise, we stuck to the basics this week: our calendar and morning board, listening to our Seeds Worship cds all.the.time, and reading so many pirate books {Kaleb’s choice} that Mommy was tempted to put on an eye patch and don a peg leg of my own {but I didn’t}.

Next week I have something VERY fun to share with you all that I’m sure you are going to like ~ especially if you loved the fireman lapbook that I posted awhile back. Teasing really isn’t nice

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