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Friday, August 12, 2011

Preschool Corner ~ Back in School!

This week we were back into school full swing and Kaleb is having a blast! He is constantly by my side and asking what we are doing next.  I’m reworking our school setup for Kaleb so that things flow a little better. Of course the moment I get that all figured out, we’ll be transitioning to the new schoolroom! :)

All of Kaleb’s workbooks have been pulled apart and are ready to go for this year. His math book gets him so excited ~ and feeling like a big ol’ smartypants {we’re using Abeka Kindergarten math}.


The Read! Build! Write! mats have been very well received too. :) Right now we’re using refrigerator magnets that I picked up in the dollar section at Target until I get the magnets stuck to the back of the letter tiles. It’s been great practice though, since the letters are uppercase and the vocab cards are lowercase, so he’s having to match the two {he’s working on a few of the camping words}.


One of the other workbooks that Kaleb is using is A Reason for Handwriting K. He’s not super thrilled with the first few pages, but is getting a bunch of other writing practice too.


Every day he works on five or six of the Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Tracing Cards.  He likes these a lot…and the clip art on these just makes me smile. We have each set on a jump ring to make it easier to flip through them.


We’ve been reading lots too and are back full time using our All About Reading Pre1 program.  Kaleb l.o.v.e.s. the rhyming time ~ especially when Ziggy the Zebra helps out {don’t miss the giveaway going on right now for All About Spelling!}.


That’s it in a nutshell for us this week. We’ll be starting our Before Five in a Row {BFIAR} studies next week and will be alternating weeks between our BFIAR studies and one of the Preschool Packs I’ve put together.

Stay tuned, because next week I’ll be sharing some NEW things that will tie in with the Before Five in a Row books!! I’m so excited and am putting the finishing touches on a few things!

Here’s a look at our upcoming plans for the next eight or so weeks:

~ The ABC Bunny {BFIAR}

~ Camping Preschool Pack

~ We’re Going on a Bear Hunt {BFIAR}

~ Star Wars Preschool Pack

~ Caps for Sale {BFIAR}

~ Blueberries for Sal {BFIAR}

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