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Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Plans for Homeschool

As I’m still mulling and thinking about our upcoming school year {homeschool convention was wonderful and I am waiting for a few new things to arrive at our home!!}, we are going to be finishing up a few things over the next few weeks. When our move came up, we switched to the basics {handwriting, math, reading, and language} and squeezed in other things when we had time.

We are definitely on a ‘lite’ schedule since we have friends over for playdates, swim team, VBS and more coming, and what we’re doing will be no more than about an hour a day total as we break it up over the week. Here’s a little peek at what our summer plans {the next six weeks or so} will look like:


imageWriting: All of the kids will be working through their new WriteShop curriculum. Zachary only has about 5 weeks left of a 10 week cycle in Primary A and the girls have a bit more than that in their Primary C book, but they are LOVING this new writing curriculum. We switched from Writing with Ease because it was becoming more of a hinderance to the kids and they didn’t enjoy writing at all. WriteShop has put the fun back into our writing time and the stories and creativity have been injected back into our day!

Spelling: We’re continuing with one lesson a week with All About Spelling for the older three. The lessons are not tedious at all, so this will be a great subject to continue through the summer with the kids.


Reading: Lots of reading in general for the older three and Kaleb will be working on his All About Reading Level Pre-1 with Ziggy the Zebra this summer. A quick note: you can also download  TWO free e-books for your preschool and kindergarten child: In the Kitchen with the Zigzag Zebra and Safari Stories with the Zigzag Zebra and find out more about the All About Reading Level Pre-1 program. We love it!!

imageVocabulary: One of the new things that I found at convention was a great vocabulary program from Dynamic Literacy. We’ll be working on some of the Foundations 1 program with them before we start the year to see how Zachary does with it.


For the most part, that’s about it! Fairly laid back and relaxed while I plan and plot out the upcoming year. What about you all ~ what are YOUR plans for the summer?

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