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Friday, April 8, 2011

Preschool Astronaut and Space Unit

I put together the Astronaut Preschool Pack a bit ago, intending to do it right away, and then our move happened and all good intentions were packed away in some of our moving boxes {grins}.  After the wonderful success of our Garden Preschool Pack a few weeks ago, I pulled out all of the books and started printing off things to do for our Astronaut unit.

Kaleb was VERY much thrilled. On Thursday I found him sitting in our bean bag chair waiting for me to finish cleaning up breakfast and read to him! :)


My favorite pictures of the week? Kaleb used an entire sheet of stars to make our lowercase a craft and see that open mouth in the first picture? He did that when he stuck on every single star ~ somewhere to the tune of 40/50. It just made me smile every time. :)

20110407-IMG_9050   20110407-IMG_9051 

We didn’t do all things every single day, but here is how I broke things up over the course of the week {click on the thumbnail to see my plans for the week}. All printables are from my Astronaut Preschool Pack unless otherwise noted.Astronaut Lesson Plans

There were a few things that we DID do every day:

Otherwise, here’s a look at some of the things that we did together while learning about astronauts and space!


20110404-IMG_8910  20110404-IMG_8917

  • Vocabulary words including astronaut, rocket, helmet, moon buggy, etc….
  • Tell what happened in the story and favorite part of the story
  • Beginning sounds cards {both find the beginning letter and write/trace the beginning letter ~ added bonus pages to the Astronaut Preschool Pack page}
  • Talked about opposite words from the story {big/little, up/down, far/near, tiny/big, gentle/hard, silent/loud, light/darkness, heavy/light}


20110405-IMG_8996  20110405-IMG_8999

  • Adding learning links to our numbers so we can work on 1:1 correspondence
  • Sequencing ~ We’ve been sequencing rockets from smallest to largest {or in reverse}
  • Counting down from 10-1 and making our rocket blast off!

Fine Motor/Writing


  • letter tracing sheets: letters A, M, and R
  • Rocket to the Moon line tracing sheets
  • scissor cutting sheets {from Musings of Me}


  • Colors and color names
  • Talking about space, gravity, lack of air on the moon, planets, and so much more!

Crafts & Hands-on Learning



Games & Songs


Books to Go Along 

Additional Astronaut and Space Resources

~ Astronaut Preschool Pack

~ Space Jet Packs from Along the Way

~ A is for Astronaut from Spell Outloud

~ Solar System Preschool {and Beyond} Pack from 1+1+1=1

~ The Planets Song from Spell Outloud

~ Outer Space themed posts from Totally Tots

~ Space Sensory Tub from Totally Tots

~ Man on the Moon printables from Musings of Me

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