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Friday, March 4, 2011

Preschool Corner ~ Prayers Answered

It just makes me laugh thinking that several months ago asking Kaleb to sit down to do much of anything {other than Do-a-Dots} was something that triggered whining, crying and moaning on his part.

This week he has literally followed me around, carrying something from his school stuff, asking “Can we do school now?”

Just makes me laugh.

While we didn’t start back full swing {my computer, server and printer are still protesting the move and refuse to cooperate with each other at the moment}, we did have some things in Kaleb’s workboxes and followed a bit of a routine.

Here’s a quick peek at our workbox lineup:

Beginning with God devotional & Awana verse

Letter writing{Kumon uppercase workbook}

Sand box letter tracing or Purplelinker

Chalkboard & magnetic letters or Wikki Stix
Game: UNO 
{colors, numbers and directions}
Education Cubes {with photo stacking cubes}
Fun box: Construct-It Early Builder Set
Fun box: Playdough or coloring Outdoor time:
bike riding or nature walk


Kaleb has really been enjoying the Beginning with God devotional that we are using from the Good Book Company. Most mornings I’ve been doing it with him, but Laurianna sat down with him one day to read with him. Next week, I’m planning to do some crafts to go along with the Bible lessons, but this week we just worked our way back into the routine. :)


All of the kids gathered around Kaleb to watch him write his letters in the salt box {you can see how to make your own salt tactile box at Mama Jenn’s}. He had a big cheering squad just for writing the letters they called out.


All of the kids are beyond thrilled that we have woods to explore and they all went off in search of treasure. This week alone they managed to come back with three huge bags full of trash {and I can’t complain that they are picking up litter, can I?} and they also found a LOT of bones…now proudly on display in my dining room {I can’t wait til our homeschool room is finished!!!}. Kaleb was VERY excited about the turtle shell and duck bill that they found!


But the biggest news of the week had nothing to do with letters and numbers, and everything to do with outside. Thanks to all the practice that Kaleb has had on his Strider Balance Bike, he has managed to actually ride a two wheeler with pedals ~ completely skipping the training wheels! He still likes to use his Strider bike, but is having a blast figuring out the pedal/braking on the big boy bike. We’ll just ignore the hot pink and turquoise color scheme, k?. Such is the lot of a younger sibling with two older sisters. :)


In a nutshell, that’s it for our week! We’re settling in, learning and ready to do more! How did your week go?

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