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Friday, January 21, 2011

Preschool Corner ~ Bits and Pieces

Although we’ve been doing bits and pieces of things this week, we {again} haven’t done any structured or theme-focused learning.

Unless you count Mommy trying to keep it simple because we’re selling a house, showing a house and moving soon a ‘theme-focus’. :)

There have been a LOT of fort-building this week, pretend play, playdough, Education Cubes, Construct-it building, and whatever else we could squeeze in.

Zachary helped Kaleb work some on his letters in his Kumon workbook {mainly to avoid doing his own work ~ ahem}


He was SO excited to work on ‘curvey’ letters too!


We practiced writing letters on our chalkboard using a q-tip dipped in water {love that his little mouth hangs open while he is concentrating}.


We also made letters with playdough…and then spent lots of time getting it out from under fingernails {someone is a little picky}.


We also had fun with a little humming experiment ~ you’ll have to tune in Sunday to see why we were plugging Kaleb’s nose!


AND, before I forget…

Education Cubes

Keeping Us Occupied This Week

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