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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Pit of Despair ~ Tamed

Earlier in the month of August I posted a little teaser post to a guest post I had over at the Homeschool Village.

And if you are under the illusion that I have it all together, you really need to go read the post. Seriously.

I gave you all a peek into what I dubbed the Pit of Despair. It seriously got to the point that I was avoiding it because I knew that dealing with it was going to take a LOT of time and work…and that just overwhelmed me. I’m not kidding when I say I would just run and dump things in the room…and quickly shut the door so I wouldn’t have to look at it.

Here’s a look at the ‘before’. The floor literally had stuff all over it, I couldn’t open the closet door that was in the room and you can’t really tell…but there’s a table in there somewhere. See how lovely??

homeschool mess

organizing nightmare

After much labor, moving and moaning, here’s a look at the re-organized room. This is just a small room in our basement that can’t be a bedroom {no windows}, but has ended up being my craft room {because I haven’t scrapbooked in literally 3 years….} and the room where all of our homeschool extra stuff gets stored.

Look at that…there’s actually room to walk and move now. And even scrapbook ~ should I ever have the time.


There is a method to the organizing, even though you really can’t tell from the picture. The shelf to the left has a lot of our games, learning toys, puzzles and simple reading books for the boys.


The center bookshelf has future curriculum {top shelf}, extra books for this year {2nd shelf}, history read-alouds for this year {center shelf}, extra notebooks and file folders {4th shelf} and then whatever I couldn’t figure out a spot for on the bottom. :) The shelf to the left has a lot of our games, learning toys, puzzles and simple reading books for the boys.

The small shelf on the left has all of our extra teaching supplies: our organized schoolwork for the upcoming year, my lovely laminator, extra school supplies and anything we’ll need for our science study this year.

Having it done has helped me out immensely. I at least know where to find things now and can breathe a little easier having at least one room in my house cleaned up. :) Don’t put it past me to lock the door to the room so that the kids can’t mess it up.

I’d do it in a heartbeat.

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