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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Exploring Egypt: Mummies and Pyramids

This week we wrapped up our study of Egypt and used the Magic Tree House Mummies and Pyramids as our primary guide for the week. Each day we read a few chapters and then worked on a few minit books that I found to go along with the chapters at Homeschool Share.

We didn't put together an entire lapbook ~ more like a lappage. The minit books were just glued onto a piece of cardstock and then we put them into our geography folders. We also had fun making a mummy of our own with a Dollar Tree doll and rolled bandages. Our apple experiment wrapped up this week {can I just say - 'yuck'} and our results were definitely not what we anticipated...I'll have to post more on that later!

Here's a look at what we did this week:

  • Read chapter 6 in Mummies & Pyramids ~ learned about different types of pyramids, how pyramids were built, and also about the Great Sphinx
  • Had fun building our own pyramids with 1" blocks and also legos.
  • Worked on minit book for Pharaohs and Book of the Dead
  • Read chapter 8 & 9 in Mummies & Pyramids ~ read all about King Tut and the many famous treasures that his tomb held {and how long it took to find his tomb}.
  • Minit book about Great Sphinx
  • Uncovered our apple mummies and compared our results to what we thought would happen.


Resources and Websites

  • Homeschool Share ~ Ancient Egypt Unit Study. We used different lapbook pieces to make up our lapbook page
  • Living and Learning ~ great pictures for making your own Barbie mummy!!!
  • Newton's Apple ~ science experiment to see which concoction will best mummify apple slices
  • King Tut One ~ puzzles, mazes and trivia for kids
  • Odyssey Online ~ resources on the people of Egypt, mythology, daily life, death/burial, writing & archeology
  • Neferchichi ~ TONS of great links and resources for ancient Egypt
  • Pyramid of Man ~ some great games and links for Egypt
Books We're Using

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