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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tot School ::25::

~ Kaleb is 30 months ~

Really, truly, there is not much to post this week in the way of Tot School. Mommy has been on a bit of a hiatus from school work and school time. We're still playing and's just not all documented.

Kaleb has been talking up a storm. Going from short phrases to full, complete sentences in just a matter of days. Amazing us with some of the things that he comes up with ~ and rather proud of himself to boot.

Kaleb had fun sorting and lining up his counting bears. This wasn't how the activity was supposed to be...but since he was happy and it works - well, then it was Tot School!

The paint chip matching game was fun to match and play with too!

We sorted shapes and named both colors and shapes together.

Kaleb found a guitar and has been walking around the house playing it like a rockstar. It's been a riot to watch and we're not sure where he picked up the whole rockstar thing {unless it's from Sid the Science Kid}.

Kaleb kept trying to get into the silverware drawer this week and although this lock on the handle didn't actually do anything {McKenna put it there}, he cried and cried thinking the drawer was locked. It was hysterical ~ although his frustration only lasted 5 minutes before he figured out it wasn't locked.

Bugs and the great outdoors have been the biggest thrill in our backyard. Birds, squirrels, ants, and especially ladybugs are everywhere. Zachary keeps bagging various insects and then he and Kaleb sit and examine them together - too sweet.

That's about it for Tot School this week. Hopefully this next week will mean a little more time for Kaleb and me since the bigger kids will be in VBS all week!

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