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Friday, November 18, 2011

CAT Scans and the ER ~ Preschool Corner

I did have things to share this week, but the last few days have been a wee bit out of control and all my intentions of having time blocked off Thursday afternoon and/or evening went out the window when Kaleb fell off a stool  {5 minutes before our family pictures, mind you} and we ended up in the ER needing a CAT scan. So, we did get an ‘inside’ look at the big ol’ machine {Kaleb asked me to videotape it for Zachary…which we did for about 15 seconds to show how well he did}. After the scan, he saw some of the images on the computer ~ pretty fun {especially since it was all good!}.


He now has a lovely shiner and cut that needs some healing, but fortunately nothing is broken. He also has 12 lovely stickers to show for his pain…and a mini dinosaur and rabbit. I’m sure we’ll be billed for those too {grins}.


Other than that, I’ve had a yucky cold, little sleep and am having trouble holding a coherent conversation {just ask my husband}…so it might be best if I held off until another week with our week of Jesse Bear!


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