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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Using 2 Part Cards from the Printable Packs {Reader Questions}

I was just wondering how to use some pages on your preschool packs. I think generally they are pages 3 and 4, they look like flashcards, but one page has a line separating the word from the picture.  I haven't know how to use these pages, so I've just been letting my 3 year old practice her cutting skills :) But I'd love to know what their actual intention is.

vocab collage

Each of the printable packs that I’ve put together typically has 2 different vocabulary pages that look similar to the above pages. One of the pages shows an image with the word underneath it and the other page shows a line dividing the image from the word.

Here’s a look at how we do the 2-part vocabulary cards in the packs. The first few days we review the words and their beginning letter sounds and have Kaleb point to the word as we say it. On the third day, I cut apart the 2-part cards and slide the words into our table top pocket chart {I love that we can prop it right up on the table next to us and work together}. Kaleb then picks up the pictures and slides them behind the right picture {usually based on looking at the beginning letter sound}.

20110810-IMG_1198  20110810-IMG_1199

Basically, this is just an added ‘boost’ to help children understand that there is a relationship between pictures and words and that letters make sounds.

If your child isn’t quite ready for this step, you can also play a matching game. Lay out the vocabulary cards that are not separated with a line and have your child match picture-to-picture and then see if s/he can match the words together as well.

Hope that helps!!

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