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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Keeping Puzzles in Place {a Reader Idea}

Thanks SO much to Ashley for sharing this idea with me on how she uses the strip puzzles that are sometimes a part of the Early Learning Printables that I put together. Here’s what she sent in:

My son is 2 1/2 and LOVES doing {the puzzles}…and as a teacher, so do I! We've been doing the fall one a lot recently. I just wanted to send you a picture of what I did with the puzzle page….Since he's still little, I wanted a way to make the puzzle pieces stay in place because he would keep bumping them out of being straight. I took a piece of cardstock and laminated it. Then I stuck two strips of velcro along each side, then put the velcro dots on the back of each of the pieces. Works magically!

October 2011 106

The ‘base’ with the velcro strips can be used for puzzles in the future and depending on your velcro use, you could also alternate what type of velcro you are using. For example, one of the strips could be the scratchy side of the velcro {hook} and the other could be the soft side of the velcro {loop}. That way when you use the dots on the back of the strips you are using an even amount of the scratchy and soft dots as well!

Thanks so much for sharing, Ashley! Hope that this helps some of you all as well!

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