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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Font Choices {Reader Questions}

Last week I received the following email from a reader and thought it would be a great question to address on my blog ~ just in case one of YOU had the same question.

I was looking through the Transportation pack and was wondering if you could consider picking a different font on the materials that the children actually use? Specifically I’m talking about the letter “a” ... I would prefer the “a” version as that’s how they are taught to write it.

Specifically, here are the two different letter ‘a’ styles that are being referenced:

a or a

Here are my thoughts…

I realize that I use different fonts in my packs ~ sometimes because I really like a particular font, but also because I think that it is important to expose our children to different letter/font styles. We live in a media rich society and everywhere we look {tv, books, computer, billboards, etc...}, different font styles are represented. While I teach our children to write using the standard 'teacher' font style, there are numerous styles of letters and numbers represented in the books that we read every day to our children. My goal is to let my child SEE those differences, know that they represent the same letter, and let them be familiar with them.

For example, I took a picture of four books that I picked off the top of our book basket {Curious George, Tumble Bumble, In the Castle and one more...}. If you look at the letter/font styles, two of the letter a's are shown in the style that most children learn to write their letters in and two are in the other 'a' style.


The bulk of the Preschool Packs that I've put together were primarily created for me to use with my children during our school time. Because we’ve enjoyed them, I’ve then shared them with you. While there have been times that I’ve added an activity or switched something around, typically I try to do things the way we enjoy using them so there isn’t a lot of extra work involved on my end of things.

Hopefully that answers your questions! :)

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