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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do I Use All of the Preschool Packs {Reader Questions}

I’ve had several people ask me if I use all of the pieces that I include in the various Preschool Packs that I put together.

The short answer ~ no.

The long answer ~ not because we don’t always want too. There are many times that I put something together, am absolutely excited about what I’ve created and it falls on unimpressed eyes. :) There are other times that I include something in a pack because I know that others really enjoy it.

At times I alternate on what I print out for Kaleb to do and there are times that he literally begs me to do something time and time again ~ so I just go with the flow.

All that to say ~ the wonderful thing about Preschool Packs is that you can print off whatever your heart {or your little one’s heart} desires to do and work on! If it isn’t a great fit for your child or if you just want to change things around and rotate the things that you present to your child, you can!

Now I have a question for you!!! I’m curious ~ what has been your favorite part of the different Preschool Packs?

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