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Friday, April 1, 2011

The {Semi} Boring Week

After last week, I believe that Kaleb was sorely disappointed in my lack of planning. He fully expected to continue right on with all of the garden activities. I had taken them out of his workboxes, and he found them and started working on them again! Gotta love that!

For the most part we had a pretty laid back week and just focused on some of the basic things together. Here’s a look at our {simple} week:

Reading: We’re working through our All About Reading Pre-K and Kaleb loves the craft activities…and pretty much anything that he can do with Ziggy the Zebra. We’re making it a habit to read together at LEAST 20 minutes each day too, sometimes my book choices, sometimes his.

Language: A little while back I purchased Language Lessons for Little Ones from Timberdoodle to use. We had done a few lessons prior to this week, but did one every other day together. It’s going along well with other things that Kaleb needs to focus on right now {lowercase letters}. Kaleb doesn’t always like to answer questions about things that we’re reading, so I like that it ‘pushes’ him a bit too ~ after we read a story or poem he answers specific questions about it and has to think a bit. :)

Writing: Since Kaleb finished the Kumon Uppercase Letters we’re working on the Lowercase Letters book now instead.

Math: Kaleb has counting up to 14 down pat…then skips a few and picks up somewhere in the high teens. We’re working on counting consistently and identifying numbers higher than 10. Kaleb is also using the Kumon Book of Numbers.

An added bonus this week ~ Kaleb found two new ‘movies’ that he loves! Leapfrog has two videos {and we love our other LeapFrog videos!} called The Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park and Numbers Ahoy. I was so happy to see the lowercase letters in the alphabet video!

So the sum up….books, more books, playing, more books, counting, writing, more books and done!

But what about you??

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