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Friday, March 18, 2011

Preschool Corner ~ Rhyming and Pre-Reading

This week Kaleb was beyond excited when I pulled out a special black bag that he knew was JUST for him ~ the All About Reading Level Pre-1 program. He was especially enamored with Ziggy Zebra, the puppet that comes as a part of the program, and he spent the better part of the week attached to my arm. Apparently learning is much more fun when a puppet is the one talking to you.

Since these are the only pictures that I have from this week, you can get a little peek at the two of us learning together.

untitled-22All About Reading

We have a growing collection of letter crafts that go along with each letter that we learn too.

All About Reading craft

The most fun of the week though has been rhyming words. Part of the lessons involve using rhyming cards and that rhyming practice has spilled over into other parts of our day too. Sometimes Kaleb is right, and other times he is wrong, but the fact that he is trying is much fun.

Other than reading, Kaleb finished up his Kumon Uppercase Letters book. He pulled it out and I asked him to work on one page for that day. I left the room for a bit to work with Zachary on something else, assuming he would have his play time when he finished the page. Instead, he finished TWELVE pages…completing the book. Thursday he moved on to the Kumon Book of Numbers and next week we’ll pull out the Lowercase Letters book too.

We’re still working on the Beginning with God devotional to go along with the Beginner’s Bible. I’ve been adding in some coloring pages to go along with each of the lessons since Kaleb has been much more interested in coloring lately also.

While we didn’t have a particular theme this week, we are definitely gearing up for some fun next week ~ gardening!! I can’t wait to share all the fun stuff that we’ll be doing as we participate along with the Homeschool Village Garden Challenge too. I’m putting the finishing touches on a new preschool pack all about gardening. :)

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