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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Homeschooling While Moving

When we realized we were going to be moving, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from either myself of the kids. At one point one of my Facebook friends sent me a link to a great article from Heart of the Matter Online and written by Jimmie {love that girl!}.

Basically we knew we had three options in our moving process:

1. Continue schooling full speed ahead.

2. Focus on the core subjects and abandon the rest until we were settled in.

3. Call off all school and just let the kids run crazy.

We opted for the second and scaled back on planning in many of the subjects, sticking to language, reading, math, science, and handwriting. After about 2 weeks of packing, having the house perpetually clean for showings, and keeping up with school time, etc… I can tell you I was about ready to consider a fourth option ~ sending them to public school until the move was over. :)

That would be about the point that we took a few weeks off and decided to focus entirely on keeping sanity intact and getting the house packed and moved. Fortunately, the entire process for us was very quick ~ from the time we put an offer on one house to the time we moved into our new house was a few days over a month.

Now we’re in, {pretty well} settled, I’m breathing much easier, and everyone is easing back into our full-on routine. If you’ve moved while homeschooling, what are tips that you would give to others in the process?

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