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Monday, October 25, 2010

Putting Faces to Blogs

This past weekend I attended the Relevant Conference and was BLESSED beyond measure to not only walk away having put up close and personal faces to so many different blogging friends, but also to have soaked in some amazing teaching and learned some new things. You can get a more detailed look at my thoughts here, but here are a few of the amazing ladies that I got to meet in person!!

I spent the bulk of my time with my lovely roomie Carisa from 1+1+1=1 and Totally Tots.


Kris from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers ~ we spent several hours driving up and back…much fun! Ask her if she shared her sweet tea with me…


Jen from Daze of Adventure


Crystal from Money Saving Mom {so wonderfully sweet!}


Jill from Reflections on Becoming and Excellence of Wisdom drove over to meet us on Saturday afternoon for a bit.


Stef Layton from Layton Family Joy and also a co-creator of The Homeschool Village…{this was at the Bible in 90 Days meet-up}.


There were so many others that I was able to met also…and I know there are more pictures floating around somewhere…so I may have more to share later, but wanted to share a few for now!

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