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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Preschool Corner ~ Playdough Mats

This week has been a little ‘off’ at our house and I didn’t figure out why until early this morning when Zachary complained that his ear was hurting. One lovely ear infection diagnosed.

Fortunately I brought Kaleb along for the visit and our doctor checked him out too ~ and he has one in both ears. Why I’m so slow to catch onto these things is beyond me sometimes…

Since both boys were really in rare form, we spent much time ‘playing’ and learning rather than doing our actual work. Our toy of choice?


I put together some playdough mats for both of the boys to use {and to share with you all, of course}. I just printed them off onto cardstock and rather than laminating them, I slide the sheet we are using into a plastic page protector. Then we can change it out as we want to!


Kaleb’s playdough mats are all alphabet based. Each one is 8 1/2” x 11” and has both the uppercase and lowercase letter on the sheet along with a picture of something that starts with that letter/letter sound.

alphabet playdough matsalphabet playdough mat

We tried rolling the playdough, but Kaleb preferred snipping, snipping, snipping it instead. Needless to say, we had chunks of playdough everywhere and that is how Kaleb filled in the letters. We talked about the letters, traced them with our fingers, made the letter sounds together ~ and just had fun!


Zachary’s playdough mats are actually tied into our All About Spelling lessons {I’m sneaky like that}. He said he was ‘too big’ for the letter mats and wanted his own to use. :)

spelling playdough mats

Since we’re using All About Spelling with him, I put together some spelling word mats to go along with most of the lessons in Level 1. Nothing fancy, mind you, but it has been great reinforcement for him on the phonics rules that he is learning each week. Each mat has the lesson equivalent in the bottom corner {i.e. 1.15 is level 1 lesson 15}.

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