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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Places We'll Go...

I made a new form {surprise, surprise} to help me visualize our year in segments. I haven't pinpointed exactly when we're going to start...considering it would be most helpful to maybe get our schedule in place a little more before starting.

Truthfully, I'm stalling because I'm a little more nervous with figuring out a day with the three oldest. But shhhhh....

Click on the thumbnail to print off the form

I have figured out a rough plan of action and in case you were wondering what countries are in the works for this year and roughly when to expect them, here's our outline:

Weeks 1-6: Intro/review, Spain, Italy and the solar system

Weeks 7-12: New Zealand, Australia, koala bears, and South Africa

Weeks 13-18: South Africa, Kenya, and Morocco

Weeks 19-24: Nigeria, Egypt, {insert something related to Egypt here - specific, eh?}, and Brazil

Weeks 25-30: Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, and Argentina

Weeks 31-36: Argentina, Mexico, and Canada


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