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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Studying Japan ::Week 2::

This was our second week learning about Japan and the girls had a lot of fun with many "hands-on" activities: origami, watercolors, calligraphy, puppet theatres, and Japanese screens. Much reading and even a great video or two thrown in. Since Japan has over 70 volcanoes, we are going to be doing a unit on volcanoes next week - as requested by the girls! 

  • Review what we learned last week
  • We used Kids Web Japan to look at the history of kimonos different types of kimonos and had fun doing a virtual game dressing girls and seeing where they would wear the kimono and outfit that we picked for them.
  • Japanese screens ~ Each of the girls designed their own Japanese screen trying to follow each of the four seasons.
  • We first read The Paper Crane (Bang) and then picked out a few pieces of origami to make: a mask and a boat...fairly simple but fun!

Literature we focused on:

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