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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs: Favorite Snacks

The Homeschool Memoirs Theme this week is Favorite Snacks:

Awhile back Mother Dear received a question on what snack foods to buy for homeschooling families, on the go or at home, and she inspired this week’s theme. There are so many different kinds of snack foods, store-bought and homemade, and I would like to invite you to share what snack foods your family usually snacks on throughout the week. You’re welcome to make season lists too. I know there are different meals we eat during the colder seasons than we do in the warmer ones, and I imagine there are also seasonal snack foods as well.
We are blessed to have a great "discount" store near us that we can get some prepackaged snacks from to help with our grocery budget (granola bars and such). When the kids aren't having one of those, here are a few other snack ideas (more healthy, mind you) that we enjoy with lunch or just whenever:
  • apple slices with peanut butter or cheese slices

  • celery sticks with peanut butter or cream cheese

  • carrot sticks with ranch dressing

  • snack mix: popcorn, cereal (like cheerios), raisins or other fruit bits

  • Ritz crackers with cream cheese and apple slices

  • apple rings: apple ring slices (after cored) with peanut butter and cereal such as Honey Bunches of Oats

  • fruit or veggies of some sort with or without dip

  • popcorn

  • mini muffins - pumpkin oat, banana, pb&j...really anything

  • ham and cheese roll-ups - with or without a tortilla

  • smoothies - whatever Mommy happens to have on hand - and can even sneak in. These are quick and easy for us!

  • applesauce - plain or flavored with a jello flavor

  • quick apple cobbler - nilla wafers with applesauce heated in the microwave - top with a little whipped cream - YUM!!
I'm noticing a litttle trend with apples here....but they love them, so we eat what we love!



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