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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs: Routines

So far this year our new schedule for homeschooling has been working pretty well. The kids have been enjoying the different setup (although they are definitely creatures of habit, because trying to switch things around at first made them dig in their heels a little bit).

You know your kids enjoy routine and schedule when you find them playing "school" with friends and your 7-year-old has literally drawn up a schedule for play school and is following it to the "T" - bathroom breaks included! Really, I shouldn't be surprised! She about had a meltdown when I (gasp) suggested that we go outside and play since it was beautiful out - it wasn't in the schedule yet!!

Anyway....back to our routine. We've added some things in this year (worship time together when we dance ourselves silly praising Jesus, Tot Time for Kaleb, and adding in a set time for extra art and game times...otherwise Mommy conveniently forgets...). The art activities vary from day to day, but I try to rotate a schedule on those also so that the kids have a chance to use the easel, playdough, fingerpaint, or do a special craft.

Our "schedule" does go beyond 3:30, but generally we are done with school at that point so we just drop into our regular routine.

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My prayers for this year? To have this be a fun and meaningful year for me and my kids. One that involves lots of learning for all of us. Patience for me. And unlimited joy - epecially in Mommy! Not that I have to be the "end-all" as a Mommy, but I truly pray that our house is a place of fun and learning, and that our kids enjoy being home and being together as a family.

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