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Friday, March 2, 2012

Covering the Basics ~ Preschool Corner

This week we just spent time on the basic areas for school: math,Preschool Corner reading, handwriting, Bible and hands-on fun. The weather was up and down again this week, so the kids spent as much time outside as they could.

Laurianna made an ‘exercise game’ for all the kids which has been so much fun to watch them do ~ wall sits, bike riding, sit-ups, jumping jacks and more. Kaleb has been able to do all of it with the exception of jumping jacks ~ to cute to watch him try those!

A Reason for Handwriting K

Handwriting ~ Kaleb is working through A Reason for Handwriting a little at a time. We’re working more on lowercase letters right now and remembering when to STOP at the line and keep the letters in the right places. Of course the zebra reminded him of Ziggy from All About Reading.

math time-1

Math ~ We started a new math book for Zachary {Life of Fred Apples} and the stories are so fun that Kaleb has been sitting down with us to listen and work through the lessons with us. He’s still doing a few lessons from his Abeka math workbooks each week {simple addition, filling in missing numbers, telling time to the hour}. With the Life of Fred, he is also working on counting by 5’s and 10’s, talking about the seasons, and temperature.

Bible ~ We’re working full time again on We Choose Virtues and also continuing with our Grapevine Resurrection study. Only a few more lessons for the resurrection and we’ll be done.

Reading ~ All of the kids have been enjoying our read-aloud time {and so am I!}. We started the Gregor series by Susan Collins ~ full of bugs, rats and other sort of yucky creatures. During our reading time, the kids are drawing, coloring, relaxing and {believe it or not} listening to the stories. Kaleb has been understanding much of it and it’s cute to hear him quoting different lines from the story throughout the day {he loves the little sister Boots and the funny things she says}.

Hands-on ~ So many of our ‘extras’ have been pulled off the shelves this week and played with as we read together. Wedgits. Felt sets. Legos.

Kaleb {much to his sibling’s dismay} has been saving any money that he has earned or received as gifts. Truthfully, he has no idea how much money is really worth ~ he just forgets that he has it and doesn’t ask to spend it. This week he saw a Lego book at the store and fell in love. Literally sat down on the floor and started flipping through the pages. When I told him he had enough money to buy it, the look on his face was priceless.

Lego Ideas BookLego Ideas Book Boys

Although he can’t quite make any of the creations in the book, he and Zachary have had a great time going through the book this week and creating their own masterpieces ~ boats, cars, spaceships, etc… Their bedroom floor has become a virtual minefield of foot pain {should you venture into it in sock feet}.


That about sums up our week ~ just the basics covered. Nothing super exciting, but still lots of fun and learning at the same time.

How was YOUR week?


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