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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Snowy Day ~ Preschool Corner

The week we planned to work on The Snowy Day unit and turned out to be rather a good week to do so! Kaleb and I sat down to read the book together and just as we finished the book, he looked up and out the window and it was snowing!

Needless to say, there was much excitement about that!

And my big ‘duh’ moment of the week? I was so cold, we were having fun inside with things, and it NEVER crossed my mind to go out and catch the snow and look at the flakes…and we rarely get snow around here, people! Nevermind right in the middle of a unit on snow. Yep. My brain is right on top of things. :)

Aside from the things that are included in the The Snowy Day printables, here’s a little peek at the more ‘hands-on’ things we did together.


Making ‘Tracks’ ~ In the The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats, Peter makes different kinds of tracks in the snow with his feet and also using a stick. Kaleb walked around the house trying to make 'tracks’ the way Peter’s feet would have been.

20120111-IMG_4092  20120111-IMG_4093  20120111-IMG_4094

Crystal Snowflakes

I found a tutorial for these Borax crystal snowflakes via Pinterest and they were a HUGE hit. I’m especially fond of them because it only took a day for them to form.

Snowy Day-4

Kaleb had fun measuring {1/3 cup Borax mixed with almost a pint of hot water}. We shaped a snowflake out of a pipecleaner, hung it on a piece of yarn and let it sit overnight.

Snowy Day-2  Snowy Day-3

It’s here that I’ll insert my piece of advice {ahem}. Either make your snowflake much smaller than the mouth of your jar or use a WIDE mouth canning jar. When the crystals form on the pipe cleaner {and they do it rather quickly}…you won’t be able to get it out of the jar if it is wider than the mouth of the jar {who knew?}.

Cotton Ball Snowman

The first day we were reading the book, Kaleb wanted to know where the cotton balls were and when he could make a snowman, so I printed off a template and he had fun gluing and practically went through half a bag of cotton balls in his zeal to glue any and all cotton balls down.

Snowy Day-1

We also made some {soon to be} glue snowmen, similar to this idea, but I got a little carried away with the glue and after 6 hours it still wasn’t remotely dry enough to even move…so it will have to wait.


After Kaleb traced the names of the shapes from The Snowy Day printables, I cut them out and we put them all on popsicle sticks. As we read the story, we matched the shapes on the sticks to the different shapes in the book by ‘smacking’ them down {oh yes, he loved that!}.

Snowy Day-5

We also did a little art to imitate a scene in the book. We used construction paper to make the snow banks and cut out some little boys to play in the snow. I had a snowflake stamp set too, so Kaleb stamped different colored snowflakes over the picture.

20120112-IMG_4107 20120112-IMG_4108

That’s pretty much our week summed up. How was your week?

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