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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Your Kids are Normal {and Mine Are Too}

Just to keep it a little ‘light’ around here and so you all don’t think that our days all fly by in perfect order with all the correct answers and such, I grabbed a quick video clip of Kaleb in ‘whiney’ mode. The day before this he went flying through all of his workboxes and finished his work in 20 minutes.

This day…not so much.

Not because he couldn’t do it, but because he got in a funk. He saw a workbook on the shelf that he wanted to do, but one that generates MAJOR whining on his part, so it’s a ‘no go’ {says Mommy}. Sometimes I try to get him to move onto a different box or do something else {something FUN}, but he is a boy of ORDER and gets stuck, stuck, stuck.

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But, I post this to let you know that life isn’t all happiness and sunshine…we are actually rather normal. Sometimes over-achievers in the normal department {grins}. Do you hear another sibling even chiming in with the whining at the end?

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