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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Tuneables Music DVD ~ Review and Giveaway

Music is something that our kids have always enjoyed and it is constantly playing in our house. We are fortunate to have a wonderful music teacher in our co-op that works with our children on the basics of music, but many families don’t have nearby classes to attend or aren’t even sure where to begin teaching their children.
The Tuneables: I Love Music DVD introduces children to a wonderful world, full of colors and engaging characters that will encourage them to participate and learn more about music. Many of the characters in Tuneville represents a musical instrument and throughout the video ~ Clara the clarinet, Pete the trumpet, Sunny the cymbal, Snare the drum, Gloria the piano, and last but not least, Mo the violin. Through the video, children learn the basics of tonal patterns {do, re, mi…}, improve their rhythm and move in time to music and just have FUN in the process.

“The Tuneables story starts with Annie and Max arriving at the local music shop for their first music lesson. Once the kids arrive, they notice an unusual Music Box playing beautiful music. Curious, Max reaches out to touch the box. All of a sudden, Annie and Max see the Music Box spring open and magically the room transforms! The kids find themselves in the middle of Mo’s Music Shop, in the magical world of Tuneville…”


The program is intended for children ages 3-8, but I had all of our kids sit down to watch it with me {and although our 10 year old supposedly wasn’t watching, she was tapping her foot along and singing too…shh!}. The younger two boys {ages 4 – 6} really enjoyed the video and were tapping along to the beat and participating with The Tuneables. I love that it also includes real video clips along to show kids examples. When talking about the beat in music, there are video clips of children participating with the song and also an example of a ballet dancer moving to a slower beat.

The The Tuneables: “I Love Music”  is the first in a series that will teach children music fundamentals. It retails for $29.99 and is available for purchase from the Tuneables website. The DVD also includes a companion CD with 19 songs to reinforce what your child has seen and heard on the DVD {listen to song samples here}.

The Giveaway

Music Intelligence Project has generously offered to give away a copy of The Tuneables: “I Love Music”.
To enter, please follow the directions in the widget below.

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