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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Printable Pack Changes ~ Understanding Skill Levels

You may notice a few gradual changes in some of my printables over the next few months. Nothing major ~ it’s just a way to better help you all out and better understand the skill levels of the printables.

The bulk of my printable packs are currently labeled Preschool Packs. As I’ve worked with Kaleb and created printables to use with him, I’ve gradually increased the difficulty of some things and added new ideas. While some of the things in the packs are definitely preschool skills, some of them are targeted more at the Kindergarten level.

PLEASE hear my heart on this ~ the point of these printables is to give you a little extra ‘something’ to do with your kids, not to make you think your child is behind or not keeping up with the rest! Because I don’t want there to be any confusion in what are ‘age-appropriate’ skills, my early learning printables will now be labeled ~ and if your child is ready for the next level, print them out and have fun!

Most of my printable packs currently have two file downloads {due to their size} and in the future they will labeled to look a little something like this:

~ Fall Fun Printables ~ Preschool

~ Fall Fun Printables ~ Kindergarten

Same fun printables, just labeled a little differently to help you all out a bit more! Make sense? So if you see a few changes here and there ~ don’t panic!! It’s all still the same fun stuff, but just getting a little makeover to make it more user-friendly. :)

In the very near future, Carisa from 1+1+1=1 and I are going to each be writing some posts talking about things that are age appropriate for preschool and kindergarteners {Carisa is a former kindergarten teacher and I was a preschool teacher}. This all has been on our hearts lately and we’re hoping that it will help some of you all out as well.

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