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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Working on the NEW Homeschool Room

When we moved earlier this year, one of the ‘plans’ in the back of our mind was to have a room dedicated to homeschooling. This summer we started the project and although we won’t have it done quite as soon as we had hoped, it will be done early this fall and we are SO excited!!

Above our garage, we have a 12’ x {almost} 30’ area. Access to the room is through our garage and we also have a small area that will walkthough to the girl’s room. Our girls room has a storage area off of it and we are going to connect those two areas together and make a ‘secret’ passageway.

Rick has been working on doing as much of the project himself and we had a heating/AC unit installed last week, which is now a MUCH needed relief in the close to 100 degree temps we’ve been having. Drywall will be going up soon, but here's a little sneak peek at how the project is coming.

A look from the top of the stairs up to the room. To the right of the ladder is the area that will cut-through to the girl’s room.


The area right in the center is where we will have the ‘secret’ passageway. While we were gone this past week, the area was framed out.


View from the opposite end of the room ~ the stairs leading up are at the end of the room.


We are SO excited to have a space JUST for homeschooling. Our poor dining room won’t know what to do when we clear out. I’m gathering ideas on how to decorate the room {if anyone has suggestions for slanted ceilings, I’d love to hear them!!}.

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