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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Quick Note About Curriculum

I recently posted our curriculum choices for the upcoming school year and wanted to share a few additional thoughts…just in case.

Over the past six years {yikes! has it been that long} we’ve tried, dabbled, used and looked at MANY different curriculum pieces. For our family it’s been a process of trying something, seeing if it fits in with our family’s needs, seeing if it fits in with my teaching style, our kid’s learning styles, etc…etc…etc…

My main point is this ~ what works for one family might not be the best for YOUR family.

And that’s OK!!!!

If you’ve put together your curriculum for the upcoming year and see the list of another mom, do not scrap everything and think you are going about it all wrong. Ultimately it boils down to this ~ you know your children. You alone understand the needs of your family. No one else is in your shoes, so do not heap guilt on yourself for not doing things the way someone else is.

Relax in the freedom that you have to make the choices that work for your family and have FUN learning together!

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