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Monday, April 18, 2011

Interlox {Guidecraft Mom Review}

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Our boys love to build and design things, so a new building toy is always sure to keep them busy! This month we had the opportunity to review a set of 96 Interlox blocks from Guidecraft.


Interlox are plastic squares that can be clipped together to create and build. No screws. Nothing fancy ~ just clip and build. The squares all intersect as specific points and are made out of plastic, so you cannot bend and make curves, but overall are sturdy.


Each square is transparent and there are six different colors in the set of 96: dark pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, making a lovely rainbow of colors…which the kids had fun putting in order.  I didn’t notice it, but the kids pointed out to me that each of the squares also has a specific pattern on it. The patterns that we found were diamonds, circles, starts, hearts, flowers, and octagons.

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Once they discovered the different shapes on the Interlox, Zachary began making elaborate patterns, sorting and re-sorting them and having fun in different ways without building.

Our only complaint?? We want more! The box comes with 96 squares and as our kids started building and creating, they wanted more squares to build with, meaning we’ll have to get another box. :)

Interlox can be purchased directly from the Guidecraft website, via their NEW Facebook page, or from Amazon. If you’d like to win a set for your kids, Cindy @ Along the Way is giving away a set of Interlox. The giveaway ends Monday, April 25th {US residents only}.

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As a Guidecraft Mom blogger, I was provided this product to review. I was not paid for this post and all opinions expressed in this post are mine…or my kids.



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