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Friday, April 16, 2010

Preschool Corner ~ Alphabet Games

This week I thought it might be fun to share a few games that we play to help with alphabet recognition and phonemic awareness. There are a TON of different activities you can do ~ and if you have a fun one that YOU do at home, leave a comment and share your ideas! I’d love to hear them!

Ready for some fun?

What ABC Do You See? Start this game by saying “What ABC do you see? I see something that begins with B.” Let your child solve the riddle by looking around the house and naming the things that s/he sees…a ball, a bear, a book. If s/he doesn’t notice something right away, give some more clues ~ colors, shapes, etc…

I Spy Pictures ~ Grab a basket and go on a hunt through your house for anything you can find that begins with a certain letter of the alphabet. We did this with quite a bit of the alphabet and slacked off a little ~ need to pick this back up and share more pictures with you all!


Letters All Around ~ Do you notice letters in everyday objects? Take a walk and look around your neighborhood for different letters of the alphabet. A tire is the letter O. A tree can look like the letter Y. The top of the telephone poles make the letter T.

Noodle Letters ~ Take a 24” length of yarn and have your child string uncooked noodles onto it {I like ziti the best}. Tie a knot at each end. Lay the noodle string onto the table and have fun forming letters with the string!

Flour Tracing ~ Spread a thin layer of flour {or something like rice} onto a cookie sheet, making sure surface is covered well with flour. Use your index finger to make a capital and lowercase letter in the flour. Some other great options that are similar ~ put pudding, paint or shaving cream in a baggie, seal it up and have fun tracing with your finger!

Water Painting  ~ When the weather is nice, take a container of water and some paintbrushes outside and ‘paint’ the letters of the alphabet onto the pavement together. How long will it take for the letters to disappear? Can you name the letters again before they are gone?

Letter of the Day ~ Take a month and pick one activity to do every day that starts with the letter of that day. If the letter of the day is M, think of all the things you can do: You can make muffins or monkey bread, drink milk, count money, play marbles…you get the idea!

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Favorite ABC books

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