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Sunday, November 22, 2009

For Real ~ Really!!

Years ago, when people first began ‘meeting’ over the internet, I was a tad bit cynical about the relationships that developed. Ok ~ maybe more then a tad. Last year I met Mary from Not Before 7, and last week I was BLESSED beyond measure to meet two more wonderful ladies IN REAL LIFE!!

{you can insert some squeals of excitement here}


Carisa from 1+1+1=1 and Totally Tots I had far too much fun {and got together more than one day}. We hung out at her house, spent some time working on behind the scenes things for the Totally Tots site, wandered the aisles of several fun stores ~ but just enjoyed the time we had together and getting to know each other on a different level. I even got to play along with Krash for some Tot School fun, cuddle with the cute Lil’ Ladybug and have PacMan show me a thing or too on some itouch games. And seriously? I think her husband, Frank, was more than a little relieved to see that I'm a real, living person ~ and normal...well, mostly. :)


Wednesday we traveled to meet up with Jill from Forever n Ever n Always and spent most of the day with her and 8 of her kiddos! It was gorgeous day, so we were able to spend some time outside and just play together. And all those kids? These are all unedited pics ~ they are all THAT stinkin’ cute! And sweet. And amazingly wonderful!

IMG_1740 IMG_1757

IMG_1764 IMG_1770

IMG_1773 IMG_1794

IMG_1795 IMG_1798

IMG_1800 IMG_1801

These two ladies have challenged me on so many different levels over the last few months and God has blessed me exceedingly, abundantly ~ more than I ever imagined with their friendships! TRULY! I am honored to call them friends ~ and know that we’ve just scratched the surface of our friendship.

If you want to see some more pictures, you can also visit these posts:


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  • Jolanthe - my husband too loves when I become REAL LIFE friends with people I talk about for months and in your case a year! I have been telling him about you and Carisa so much that he reminded me that I "don't really know you" a few times...LOL! He loved seeing all the photos you captured of our children and to hear what is coming next for TT. Thank you from the bottom of my heart coming to spend time with us and playing with our children! They enjoyed you and can't wait to meet your precious family!

    Lots of love! I am the one truly blessed by meeting you both! Praying over all we shared!

    By Anonymous Jill, At November 22, 2009 at 1:13 PM  

  • Dear Jolanthe!
    I found your blog a few months ago, but it became my favourite blog. I read a lot of useful thing on it and I thanks for the downloads too. My chidren are olders than yours, but the exercises are very good to practice their English. I'm a special teacher so I can use the exercises not just a personal life, but in the school too.
    So I would like to thanks it with a prize. I know, you won a lot of prize, but it is a Hungarian prize! :)
    "Kellemes nálad" means "Nice at You", or "I lke to read your blog".
    Best Wishes, Virág.
    (I'm sorry for my English...I hope, my comment is understanable...)

    By Blogger egy anya, At November 22, 2009 at 3:22 PM  

  • What a blessing to have an opportunity to meet your online friends. I have made long lasting friendships with other moms I have met online and we consider each other best of friends.

    I am so happy for you getting to met Clarisa and Jill. God bless!

    By Blogger Sandra, At November 22, 2009 at 5:33 PM  

  • oo so glad you had such a good time! All those kiddos are adorable!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At November 22, 2009 at 6:00 PM  

  • How fun that the three of you got to hang out together! What a blessing! It's always fun to get to meet your cyber-friends IRL.

    By Blogger Mozer, At November 22, 2009 at 6:11 PM  

  • Oh man! I am sooooo jealous! Sometimes (especially right now feeling stuck at home with a crazy baby in the winter) I feel like all my friendships are online! I can't wait for the day that I can possibly meet some of my bloggy friends!

    By Blogger Chic Mama, At November 22, 2009 at 6:38 PM  

  • How fun! What a blessing that must have been. You make a great team! *Ü*

    By Blogger Michelle Gibson, At November 23, 2009 at 7:13 PM  

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