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Monday, October 19, 2009

Nominations are Open

Home School Blog Awards has a brand-spankin' new nomination form this year for you to nominate your favorite blogs. Twenty-five categories and an entire web full of possibilities.

Join Me at The Homeschool Post!

{Click on the button to start nominating}

A few new guidelines for this year:

~ Nominate only one blog per category – once. That means once you have logged in and nominated, you can’t come back and do it again… unless you didn’t nominate all 25 categories. Once you have all 25 nominated, you are finished.

~ Do not nominate one blog for MORE than one category. Sorry, but no more nominating your mom’s blog for all 25 categories.

~ If a blog does not get nominated in the same category at least three times, it will not be in the final voting stage for that category. You will find out who made the finals in November.

What are you waiting around here for? Go nominate some of your favorite ladies {and guys too!}. The fun part is visiting all the blogs once the nomination process is done and meeting new people!



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