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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Study of Italy: Week 1

Our last stop in our tour of Europe is Italy. We found some great {and fun} books to read this week and Laurianna decided toward the end of the week that she wanted to learn more about the Colosseum...until she found out more of what went on there ~ and then not so much anymore!

  • Geography song about Eastern Europe ~ point out countries while singing
  • Locate & map country features
  • Color & label map of Italy {see map activity below}
  • Use atlas to learn more about Italy

click thumbnail to download the pdf map activity

  • Review geography song
  • Major cities in Italy and the capital of Italy
  • Visit National Geographic for Kids site: Italy
  • Story from Around the World in 80 Tales
  • Review geography song
  • Geography features ~ seas/oceans around Italy, island {Sicily}, peninsula
  • Read Katy and the Mona Lisa

  • Review geography song
  • Read Papa Picollo
  • Watch some videos about the colosseum on YouTube

Resources and Websites
Books We're Using


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