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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Geography Refresher

Our first week of school we started back with activities and books that were a refresher on geography terms for the girls and an intro to our geography studies for Zachary.

One of my favorite books that we have on hand is from Rand McNally ~ Geography & Map Activities: Beginner and we used this throughout the week along with the different books that we read.

Here's the breakdown of our week to introduce and review:

  • What is a map? Why do we use maps? How do they help us?
  • How to identify features on a map {water, land, mountains, etc...}
  • Maps vs. Globes - looking at how the two are different from each other
  • Continents and Oceans {use song to review}
  • How to use a map - reading the keys, knowing directions
  • North, South, East and West
  • Making a map - drew a map of our backyard 'bird's eye view'
  • Using a compass rose
  • Getting out of a maze following N/S/E/W directions
  • Making a treasure map - had kids hide a special treasure and then make a map to find it
  • Learned about the different hemispheres -
  • Talked about the Equator and Prime Meridian
  • What are longitude and latitude?
  • Map legends and how to read them
  • How to read physical maps
  • Time zones
  • Political maps
  • Put together continent puzzle
  • Label the continents and oceans on a blank map
Here are some of the fun books we read and used along with our studies this week:

And for those of you that are scratching your heads and thinking..."Ummm, didn't she mention that they are in their fourth week of school already?" ~ the answer is yes, we are. I am giving myself a little bit of a buffer for posting our studies this year and wanted to get back into the swing of things before I started posting all that we are's all still coming!!

Next week....we're moving onto Spain!!




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