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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Centering Blog Sidebar Buttons

You know those cute little buttons over in people's sidebars? You know how when you put one in your sidebar sometimes it might be centered in the sidebar....or all the way over to the left of the column....and then they end up all funky looking? Or maybe you put them on your sidebar and they all clump together with no spaces between them?

Does it drive you nuts? Well, it drives me nuts and I get a little, ummmm...particular about having things 'just so'. 'Cause I'm just picky like that.

If you want to center those buttons in your sidebar, be sure to add the following html code when you copy/paste their button code:

Place this before the code: <center>

And place this after: </center>

If you would like to add some spaces between your blog buttons here's a quick and easy way. Between the two codes at the following: <p></p>

Quick and go fix your sidebars!




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