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Friday, May 1, 2009

Traveling France: Week 1

We're squeezing in geography and normal school time as best we can, due to the 's' word.

{standardized testing}

Our study of France has been a little bit here, a little bit there ~ and we did get it all in this week. Just maybe not exactly like I had planned it. Rather than tell you how it all worked out in real life, I'll give you the 'how I intended it all to be' instead. :)

  • Geography song (kids are singing it to me while pointing to the countries on the map)
  • Locate/map France using wall map and atlas
  • Find France on the globe (which hemispheres, what continent, etc...)
  • What countries (and how many) border France
  • Bodies of water around France
  • Read a few chapters of The Little Prince
  • Geography song
  • Read story from 80 Tales Around the World
  • Rivers in France
  • Highest point (mountain) in France
  • Completed map activity (click on thumbnail below)

  • Geography song
  • Flag of France worksheet (click on thumbnail below)
  • Type of government in France
  • Landmarks in Paris
  • Read a few chapters in The Little Prince

  • Geography song
  • Children Around the World and worksheet
  • Virtual journey
  • Played some online games via French embassy
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