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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Preschool Corner: Letter T

The last few weeks have been full of craziness with traveling, sick kids, parents moving....and finally this week someone {ahem} got back on the homeschooling wagon and had fun with 'T' activities. I have one other project that we started (and are are still working on) that I will post early next week. It's just too cute and I'm going to do a separate post on it in a few days.

Here's a little bit about our 'terrific' week:

ABC Book: Turtle

We used a small paper plate as the 'shell' for our turtle. You can find a template for the turtle's head and feet here. Just for fun we added some googly eyes too.

Alphabet Activities: Cuisenaire Rods, Building T's and Opposites

Cuisenaire rods: I believe that these are my "new favorite" manipulative. I picked them up at a used curriculum sale last week and Zachary had so much fun playing with them. The rods all vary in length (each length is a different color) and I also picked up a 'workbook' that had alphabet activities (create a top, a train, etc...).

Building T's: We used our 1" blocks to make both upper and lower case T's.

Opposites: During the week we talked about words that were opposite and started with the letter 'T'. Here are a few we used: bottom (top), tender (tough), go straight (turn), easy (tricky), nice (terrible), short (tall), awake (tired) and false (true).

Art Activities: Train and Handprint Tulips

The Train: I'll be sharing the train we're making in a few days {it's just too cute!!}. Updated: click here for the link.

Handprint Tulips: We also made some tulips using Zachary's hand and arm. To make your own flowers you will need:
  • green and another color of paint for the 'flower'
  • brushes
  • 12"x18" paper
  • and lots of messiness protection (i.e. a smock)
  1. Paint your child's hand the color you would like the flower to be
  2. Then from the inside of their wrist down to the elbow, paint green for a 'stem'.
  3. Press their hand and arm onto a piece of 12"x18" paper and repeat until you have paint everywhere...or pretty flowers.
Fun Activities: Towers, Tea Tasting, & Tunnels

A Tower of 20: Everyone had fun pulling out the 1" blocks to make tall towers. Zachary counted out 20 blocks and kept trying to build his tower 20 high. It took him a little bit (and a few interferences from a younger brother) before he was able to build it using all the blocks - but he did it!!

Tea Tasting: There are tons of tea bags sitting around our house so we brewed up 4 different kinds of tea {of the non-caffeinated version} and held a little taste test. Verdict was that peppermint tea was the tastiest!

Tunnels: Blankets, pillows and fun. Need I say more?

Letter Sheet/Collage

FireShot capture #221 - 'T_Worksheet_pdf (application_pdf Object)' - homeschoolcreations_com_files_T_Worksheet_pdf 
Math: Two's, Ten's and Telling Time

Counting by 2's and 10's: Zachary is can count by 10's up to 100 now and is practicing counting up to 10 by 2's (and doing quite marvelous!!).

Telling Time: We have a great little folder game for telling time that I made several years ago and Zachary is practicing telling time to the hour and half hour (we're getting there!!). I found a cute notepad of blank clock faces at a local teaching store, drew the hour/minute hands on them and glued them into a file folder. I made up little matching time cards (4:00, 4:30, etc...) that match along with the clock faces.

Verse: Proverbs 3:5

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart." ~ Proverbs 3:5

About the Preschool Corner:

The Preschool Corner is a place for us to share the ideas we are using during our "preschool time" with our kids. You can join in the fun and record what you are doing in your house. Please link your exact blog post to the Mr. Linky below (if you have questions feel free to ask). Be sure to link back to this blog post so that your readers can find some other great ideas too!

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