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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On a Little Break of Sorts

While we've finished this past school year and I'm busily laying out plans for next year. And sorting. And reorganizing. Gearing up.

Because the start of the school year is getting closer every day - and creeping up faster than I realize!

I am so much more excited for this upcoming year than I have been in past years. And on the flip side, so much more nervous since the "load" is intensifying some too - with first and second grade now, more subjects covered, preschool time for Zachary (and actually making a wholehearted effort at that) and also attempting a little something for Kaleb too.

Going to the homeschool convention was an amazing blessing. It got wheels turning in my head. Motivated me in many different ways and was just an encouragment overall. Enough so that I'm ready already for next year's convention.

With my new planner in hand, I am happily planning for the upcoming year...and the time spent with our kids.


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