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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Egg Activities

We've worked on our Easter Egg Lapbook this week and we've had such a great time with it. The girls were fascinated looking at Faberge eggs - and we had to see a picture of No small feat, when there were 68 made. Granted a few are missing - but still! We talked about Russia (since Faberge eggs were made there), learned about the parts of an egg, found out chickens have ear lobes - if you don't believe me...better do a little research! It's true!

Zachary joined us in coloring some eggs. We used some of the hard boiled eggs for experiments too. Do you think a raw egg or a hard boiled egg spins faster? Try it out!! We also soaked a hard-boiled egg in vinegar to see what would happen (other than it getting stinky, that is).

The girls LOVED estimating how many jelly beans they had in their bags....sorting and graphing them by colors, counting them out...and then getting to eat some too (and who can blame them, right?).

We are going to put all the lapbook pieces together on Monday, but at least they have now been finished. I'll post them with their completed books soon!

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