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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Candy Estimating


After finishing up some Valentine’s Day baking, I dumped all of the extra candy into a jar to use as treats ~ and then decided it would be fun to use it as an estimation activity for all the kids. And a yummy one too.

Everyone made their candy count guesses:

  Kaleb McKenna Laurianna Zachary
M & M’s 198 182 65 62
Kisses 65 40 30 18


Ironically, the kiddo without the slightest clue of how many were really in the jar did the best job guessing the M&M count ~ he told me to write down the number one-nine-eight {and repeated it to me several times}.

We counted out the Kisses by groups of 5 and the M&M’s in groups of 10. The overall candy count? 262 M&M’s and 51 Kisses…which are now down a few since the kids all got a treat after the counting was complete!

Just a little extra Valentine’s Day fun!!

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