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Friday, January 6, 2012

Reading!! ~ Preschool Corner

We’re still working on getting back into our groove after a lovely break. I forgot that my hubby had Monday off, so our week was pushed around a little bit and we’ll end up doing school on Friday this week too.

For the most part, we’ve been doing a bit of review, working on a few things that needed to be finished up {random worksheets and activities that somehow managed to be put aside in the last bit of December}, and {this is where I get really excited, but also a bit sad} ~ READING!!

All About Reading Level 1 reader

We’ve been using All About Reading Level 1 with Kaleb {we finished up the Level Pre-1 and this week we pulled out the book Run, Bug, Run! as part of our lesson. And a certain little 5 year old read two stories from the book ~ slowly but surely. I’m excited but sad all rolled into one ~ this is my baby…and it’s one of those last ‘first time’ things {please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way?}.

All About Reading Level 1

Kaleb has had a lot of fun ‘teaching’ Zachary. They played letter sound bingo together several times and Kaleb would tell Zachary the sounds and have him cover up the letters. :)


We’ve also spent SO much time looking out the window at the many different birds that are visiting our feeder. We just moved it up onto our deck and have seen cardinals, woodpeckers, and so many other birds {and now can’t find our bird book because someone wandered off with it ~ ahem}.

ABC's of God app

One of Kaleb’s favorite things this week is a new app that we ALL are in love with ~ The ABC’s of God from Read the Word. It’s been part of our ‘review’ week and he has enjoyed ‘unlocking’ all the special ABC words that describe God. Every time he opens a new word he runs over to me and has me read the verse that goes along with the trait of God.

20120105-IMG_3903  20120105-IMG_3905

I love the fun games that it includes too ~ letter tracing, an uppercase/lowercase letter match {that looks like fridge phonics}, find the letter in the phrase, and so many other activities. Seriously…I think this video explains it much better than I can. :)


Next week, I have crafts, books and printables lined up to work on with Kaleb ~ and a more structured week in place, but this week has been a great ‘slide’ back into things.

How was YOUR week?

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