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Friday, September 2, 2011

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt ~ Preschool Corner

Can I just say what a difference a week of antibiotics can make in a child? I’m not kidding you when I say that I’m not quite sure I recognize the little boy sitting in front of me this week. He is so FULL of energy and silliness ~ and I am ever so happy to know that the medicine is helping out!

Anyway, we are having much fun continuing on with our literature studies. This week we read {and read and read} the book We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen. Although we did a lot more than I have pictured here, this is a quick look at our week together.

Everyday we did the following {before we started into our workboxes} ~ read the book We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen together, watched the YouTube video {and read along}, and talked about the animals in the story using our Animal Classification Cards. Here’s a peek into how our workboxes looked:

We're Going on a Bear Hunt workboxes



I think one of the best parts of our week was singing our Bible verse together each day {Isaiah 41:10} and playing our Seeds of Courage album while we were working. I tried to get Kaleb to sing for you all…but it was a no-go. :)


In addition to reading the story each day, Kaleb was ‘reading’ it back to me the last few days. Each day we also pulled out our story sequencing cards and put them in the right order.


The Read! Build! Write! cards were a big hit again. I finally ordered some Letter Tile Magnets from All About Spelling and bought a cookie sheet JUST for Kaleb to use. Each day we did two of our vocabulary words {reading the word, building the word and then writing the word}.  Other language activities included our vocabulary cards, beginning sound cards, and the Read! Build! Write! cards for the story {find all printables here}.

Toward the end of the week, I pulled out the pieces from our Bear Sensory Tub and Kaleb made them a part of our story telling. He put the bear in the cave and then had the bear ‘chase’ everyone back through the snowstorm {covered with cotton balls}, the forest {there were twigs and a small branch there later}, the mud {ummm..not so much}, the river {blue felt with rocks} and then the grass.

20110829-IMG_1840 20110829-IMG_1844

Pretend Play


The Bear Sensory Tub was a big hit with all of the kids, although it never made in into a tub. The kids had fun letting the bear fish for food, hide out in the cave and play with her cubs.


I printed off the bear paws from the We’re Going on a Bear Hunt printables and wrote numbers from 1-12 on them. We talked about even/odd numbers and sorted them into the right piles. We also sequenced the bears that we printed off from the pack according to size.

For Fun


Kaleb can some days color for hours. When he’s been too tired to do other things the past few weeks, we often find him sitting at the table and coloring. I pulled some images from the Scholastic website and printed them off for him to color. He set up the book in front of him and set off to color it ‘just like the book’.


We went on a REAL bear hunt…and this is the only picture I have? And if you’ve been reading my Facebook page enough, you’ll know that we’ve had one roaming around our house…so perhaps it wasn’t such a smart idea! Fortunately we didn’t run into any, but it did give us a good reason to talk about what we would do if we DID happen to run across a bear for real.

There were lots of other fun things in our week, but that’s a quick glimpse into our lives. Here are some other great sites to visit for ideas…

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