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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Animal Classification Cards ~ Literature Based Resources

Before Five in a RowThis year we’ll be using a lot of literature based studies with Kaleb and one of the things that I loved about the program was the animal classification that is targeted in the books that are read. Over the summer friends and I poured over each of the books from a series of books and made a list of 70 animals, insects, reptiles and more that are shown in the books to put together as a fun resource.

The result? A set of Animal Classification Fandex cards to use with our reading.

BFIAR fandex example

Each card includes the animal’s name, a photo image of that animal, and a brief tidbit about that animal. Along the bottom of the cards, you will also find a listing of which books that bearanimal can be found in {note: some of the animals may be stuffed animals on the shelf or part of a picture on the wall}.

When starting a book unit, you can pull out the cards that go along with that book and have your child find those animals in the story. At the end of this printable there are reference pages that list the animals found in each of the books so that you can quickly pull out the cards needed for your lesson.

You can punch a hole in the bottom of the cards and create a fandex of the cards. Group classification cards are also provided if you would like to sort the animals into categories/classes {mammals, invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, fish and birds}.

Want a set of your own to print off? We have a HUGE stack of cards and the kids are having so much fun flipping through them and learning different fun facts!

Download the Animal Classification Cards here

Find these and more of my Literature Based Printables on my website.

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Note: When printing, do NOT use ‘Shrink to Printable Area’ in settings or the cards will NOT print out correctly in size! Choose the “NONE” setting under page scaling options so cards will be same size.

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