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Friday, July 1, 2011

Preschool Corner ~ Vacation Bible School {a.k.a. a break for Mommy}

This week all of the kids have been involved in Vacation Bible School and Kaleb especially has been having a great time. While the kids are at church, I’ve been sneaking away to a friend’s house nearby and doing some planning for the upcoming school year. I haven’t knocked as much off my list as I had hoped to, but every little bit of headway is helpful!

We’ll primarily be using Before Five in a Row for Kaleb this next year and one thing I did figure out is the books that we’ll be covering during the school year with him. The goal is to work on two books each month and alternate between a BFIAR book and one of the preschool packs that we haven’t had a chance to work on together yet.

Curious to see the books that we’ll be using? Here’s a look at the ones on our list.


Several of the books were out of print, but I found them on Amazon in the ‘used’ section and got some great deals. We are skipping a few {at least at this point}, especially the ones that were really hard to find because they are out of print and our library doesn’t have them.

So…still working and planning and playing and having fun overall!  How were YOUR weeks??

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