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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Garden Challenge ~ Update # 4

imageSomehow I managed to miss sharing last month, but did snap a few pictures this month of how our garden is progressing. In short, the Square Foot Gardening ROCKS! :)

Here’s a look at where the raised beds were going to be put up and how they are currently looking.

First the boxes were put together and prepared with the soil…

garden boxes

Fencing was added around the perimeter to keep out the wandering bunnies and deer.


We added some netting for some of our vines to climb and be supported {the cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, and peas}. I LOVE seeing how the garden is flourishing through these pictures!


We’re enjoying produce already from the garden and will be planting some new lettuce soon as we’re cycling through the original planting. Don’t tell Zachary, but I’ve found a few ripe cherry tomatoes and already snagged them from the vine in secret.

So far, we’ve harvested some yellow squash, zucchini, several cucumbers, lots of lettuce and are waiting on a few things to ripen. There are some melons and butternut squash forming, the tomatoes are green and beginning to ripen {the Romas and the Beefeaters}, green peppers are growing. The only casualty has been the rhubarb…not sure why.

We have been puzzled with something happening with our squash plants. Can anyone help identify this issue so we can enjoy a little more of it from our garden? The ends of many of our yellow squash and zucchini are all browning up and rotting before it matures.



It has been productive and rewarding enough that next year we’re hoping to put in two more raised beds in the same area. More cucumbers for sure, since they barely make it to the table!

How is YOUR garden growing??

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