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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life…in a Nutshell

I mentioned that there was a possibility that we might be moving, and as of January 31st, that became MUCH more of a reality. Rick and I had planned a vacation ~ just the two of us ~ months ago, unaware that life was about to get a wee bit crazy.

We were beyond blessed that my parents watched our kids while we went away, even in the midst of house showings. Our vacation started with a bit of uneasiness as we didn’t have a solid offer on our house yet, but a few days into our vacation {and with internet connection being a bit sketchy}, we found out had an offer/contract on our house!

{Huge sigh of relief}

This entire last month has been such an amazing story to tell, especially since we had no intentions of either selling our house or moving! God has brought everything together so amazingly ~ and that is an entire story in itself!

Now we’re home from our getaway and the packing has begun! Our moving date is set for sometime this month {how’s that for a rock solid date??}. Needless to say, things are getting a wee bit disorganized around here, but we’re still working on school as much as we can and will be sharing still with you all when we can!

If I can find the computer in all the madness….

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