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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Do You See What I See??

I was at our local library the other day and couldn’t remember the name to something, but knew I had blogged about it, so I pulled up my homeschool blog and sat looking at the screen a little puzzled.

It didn’t look the same at all on their computer.

Which then got me curious as to how it looks on yours. I’m using Firefox as my browser, but the library uses Internet Explorer. If you use IE, could you let me know ~ does the top of my blog look like this to you?

image I’m specifically wondering if you see the blue navigational bar right underneath my blog header. It’s a drop down menu that wasn’t on the computer at the library ~ just the ‘home’ button.

My apologies if the ‘home’ button is all you see ~ you all must have thought I was a little crazy taking a bunch of stuff out of my sidebar and not giving you any links!

I’d love to know what it looks like for you all, especially since it means I need to fiddle with some html if it isn’t working properly!! I’m using IE 8 and it wasn’t showing up on one of my computers either until I adjusted the width of the bar…so I’m thinking it might have to do with monitor/screen size.

Thanks for your help!

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